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Testimonials from domestic and commercial clients

Glen Charter Master Thatchers have completed many projects in the past on a number of thatched houses across Kent and the surrounding areas. If you live in or around Kent and have an experience with Glen Charter Master Thatchers that you'd like to share, please let us know and we'll happily add your feedback to our website.

"Glen and his team worked rethatching our house for 10 weeks in 2011 and made a wonderful job of it. They worked constantly in all sorts of awful weather and were a pleasure to have around."

"We have had our thatched property for about 13 years and have found Glen very accommodating, knowledgeable and easy to work with. The finish of the work is excellent and we are proud to show his work to anyone thinking of using him on their property if we were asked."

"Glen and his team have done a marvellous job on my thatched roof, taking great care. I would highly recommend his work. The roof looks beautiful and is much admired."

"Glen Charter removed the old thatch from over the kitchen part of my house and replaced it with new thatch. He also replaced all the ridges in the remainder of the house. During the whole process his employees kept the area very tidy. I was extremely pleased with the end result and would have no hesitation using him again, and would fully recommend him to anybody that requires thatch in the future."